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The Email Express pays homage both to Durand's long-running newspaper, The Durand Express, as well as to Shiawassee County's first-ever newspaper, The Shiawassee Express.

History of the Express Newspapers
The Durand Express began publishing on July 12th 1888 by T.R. Chapin.  The publication ceased in 2003.

The Shiawassee Express began publishing in 1839 by Edward L. Ament.  The full name of the newspaper was The Shiawassee Express and Clinton Advocate.  The paper served both Shiawassee and Clinton counties for an unknown length of time.  Ament began publishing The Owosso Argus in 1841.  While there is a record of mention of both papers at that time, there is no known mention or documentation of the paper's existence thereafter.

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