Longtime Assistant Manager Takes Over As "Very Excited" New Owner
Posted by Uplift Shiawassee at 8:54am 5/20/17
Uplift Shiawassee photo

It's after 2am -- late Friday or early Saturday, depending on your perspective -- and Moriah Smith has just arrived home after a long day of preparing Swan Creek Candle in Perry for its Saturday Grand Reopening, under new ownership.  Moriah is the new owner.

Moriah Smith was the Assistant Manager of Swan Creek Candle in Perry when Ann Albright, owner of the Swan Creek Candle Company, based in Ohio, decided that after 15 years she would close the Perry store.  Moriah spent 11 of those 15 years with Ann in Perry; an emotional investment, if nothing else.

But, in the wee hours of Saturday -- Grand Reopening Day -- Moriah told Uplift Shiawassee that she made an even bigger investment into the store and Perry community, purchasing Swan Creek Candle's Perry location from Ann in late April.  She decided to keep the name and will continue to carry all Swan Creek Candle products that customers have become accustomed to over the last decade and a half.

You'll find normal candles, bulk wax for candle-making, oils for diffusers, wax drizzle melts for warmers and home decor.  Smith says she plans to have a wider range of home decor in the future. The store will also continue to carry antiques and vintage goods upstairs.

"I'm very excited to open our doors once again and see all of our customers!  I swear we have the best customers -- they are like family to me. Just today, two of my customers, who have become good friends, brought me a loaf of lemon bread and helped me get the store ready for the opening tomorrow and just cheered me on!"  Just like a good friend and community champion would, Moriah wants to make sure you know their names.  So, remember Larry Sharp and Sarah Ulrich. 

"Another friend who started out as a customer; Diane Spalding is helping by planting flowers outside of the store... everyone has been overwhelmingly supportive," Smith said.

Swan Creek Candle in Perry reopens today, Saturday May 20th, at 10am and you'll be able to shop seven days a week, just as in the past; the store will be open 10am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday, and Noon to 5pm on Sundays.

While much is the same, when you visit, you will notice one change right away: a fresh coat of paint throughout the entire store.  "No easy task," Moriah said.  "I truly appreciate everyone's support and encouragement."