VIDEO: Friends of the Shiawassee River encourage community participation in river monitoring events during the first two weeks of May
Posted by Uplift Shiawassee at 11:09pm 4/16/17
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The Friends of the Shiawassee River (Friends) are inviting the public to join them during their biannual search for aquatic bugs in the river.  The search will be conducted in a variety of sites throughout the watershed and will help determine the health of the river.  There is no experience necessary - although the activity is intended for adults and young people of middle school age or older.

“We can learn a lot about water quality by the types and quantities of the bugs that we find . . . or don’t find,” said the Friends’ Program Coordinator, Sarah Baker.  “There is absolutely no experience necessary.  We will provide training, waders, nets, and everything necessary for participants to become citizen scientists – and have a great time too!”

The following are the dates set for the spring river monitoring events:

Spring Stream Team Sampling Dates

April 22nd at 12:30pm – DeVries Nature Conservancy
Learn what stream monitoring is and learn how to become a part of it!

May 6th at 2pm – Downtown Fenton  Meet at footbridge behind Fenton Community Center.

May 7th at 3pm – Shiatown Park  Meet at park parking on Bennington Road.

May 12th at 5:30pm – DeVries Nature Conservancy   Meet at DeVries Parking lot.

May 22nd BUG ID NIGHT at 6pm - Baker Welcome Center
We’ll take all of the samples we’ve collect over the last two weeks, identify them, and then determine from our results the water quality of our river!

The May 22nd event, BUG ID NIGHT, may be of special interest to many in the community.  Attendees will examine all of the aquatic bugs collected to identify them with the help of John Matousek, an aquatic biologist from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ).  Once the bugs have been identified, a score will be calculated for each site by counting the number of each bug species from each specific area.  These scores can then be translated to determine the river’s health.  Again – no advanced training necessary.  This is a family-friendly event and is a great opportunity for parents and youngsters to bond over bugs!

To register for any or all of the above mentioned events, or to learn more, visit CLICK HERE.  More information about the Friends of the Shiawassee River and its upcoming events can be found on our website at, on Facebook, by emailing, or by calling the Friends’ office at (989) 723-9062. 

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