Jones Recognized By MIRS for Productivity, Effectiveness and Leadership
Posted by Uplift Shiawassee at 10:19pm 12/29/17
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Sen. Rick Jones was named 2017 Senator of the Year by Michigan Information and Research Service (MIRS).

Jones was specifically recognized for his productivity, effectiveness and leadership as Senate Judiciary Chairman.

“I was very flattered to receive MIRS Senator of the Year,” said Jones, R-Grand Ledge. “It is my highest priority to work every day for the constituents of my district. This award showcases that work.”

The award, given out every year since 2011, recognizes those legislators who display a level of effectiveness, impact and a high level of activity that rises above his or her colleagues.

In choosing Senator Jones MIRS stated, "He's had 17 public acts in 2017 and he's likely not finished.  The chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Rick Jones had a notably productive year shepherding through populist and criminal justice-related legislation in route to his first MIRS Senator of the Year recognition.

In 2017, Jones took the lead on several key legislative initiatives in the Senate, including the opioid abuse response legislation, female genital mutilation response bills and a freedom of information act expansion.

He also pushed new legislation creating background checks on marijuana facilities and more expansive rules for charitable gaming.

He raised the issues of veteran service group members not being able to drink at a sister lodge, which forced the Liquor Control Commission to shift course on that issue.

Jones pushed the ‘pervert pastor bill’ while also being vocal in his defense of Col. Kristie Kibbey Etue, a need to ban ‘bump stocks’ after the Las Vegas shooting and opposed monopolization of the state's marijuana industry.

His Senate Judiciary Committee met a chamber-most 26 times, reported out a chamber-most 100 pieces of legislation in 2017, roughly two-thirds of the 152 measures referred to his committee.

All the while, Jones outlasted the Satanists in 2017 by continuing to put out his nativity scene on the Capitol lawn during the days leading up to Christmas while the ‘Snaketivity’ scene, for first time since 2013 is no longer being displayed."

"I will continue to work just as hard in 2018 for the people in the 24th district and the state of Michigan," said Jones, "My parents taught me to have work ethic."