More Than 32,000 Votes Cast In Uplift Shiawassee A-LIST Preliminary Round
Posted by Uplift Shiawassee at 10:26pm 3/1/18
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One hundred thirty seven Shiawassee County businesses were nominated during the five week nomination period that began January 1st.  The Shiawassee A-LIST will decide the county's best businesses in more than 60 categories.  The first round of voting began on February 11th and wrapped on Saturday, February 24th.  A total of 32,355 votes were received on 7,125 forms that were submitted.  Those votes have been tallied, and more than one hundred write-ins that weren't submitted during the nomination period, were also counted to determine the finalists.

The five businesses that received the most votes in each category, including write-ins, will be featured when the final round of voting begins on March 4th.  For some categories this means fewer businesses than in the preliminary round, but thanks to write-ins, for some categories, it means more businesses than those that appeared in the preliminary round. 

One important note ahead of the final round of voting:  No category will exceed five finalists.  For categories in which there are multiple businesses with the same number of votes, that would otherwise force that category to have more than five finalists, none of those businesses will be included.  This is particularly relevant to categories that had fewer than five businesses in the preliminary round of voting and received a single write-in vote for more than one additional business for that category

EXAMPLE: Business A has 200 votes and Business B has 100 votes.  There were no other businesses in that category during the preliminary round of voting, but 1 write-in was submitted for Business C, D, E and F.  In this scenario, neither Business C, D, E or F will appear in the final round of voting, because they are tied and would force more than five finalists in the category.  However, if Business C received more than 1 write-in, it would be included, because it would not be part of the tie that would have forced more than five finalists into the category.  Conversely, if in this same scenario 1 write-in was submitted for Business C, D and E, and there was no Business F to be considered, all five businesses (A,B,C,D,E) would be included, because the inclusion of the tied businesses would not force more than five finalists into the category.

The two week final voting period begins March 4th and ends March 17th.  Winners will be revealed on April 2nd on the website Uplift Shiawassee

This is the second year the A-LIST has been compiled; nominated and voted on exclusively by visitors of the local news websites Corunna Now, Durand Now, Owosso Now, Perry Pulse and Uplift Shiawassee.
MARCH 2018
3rd: Human Traffficking Community Meeting: Durand First United Methodist Church, 1-3pm

7th: Daddy/Daughter Dance: McCurdy Park Community Center, 6-8pm

10th: Shiawassee Home Show: Owosso High School

10th: Durand Band Boosters Dueling Pianos Fundraiser: VFW Reed-Raymond Post #2272 (Durand), 6pm

11th: Shiawassee Home Show: Owosso High School

12th: Shiawassee Home Show: Owosso High School

17th: Byron Fireworks Friends Auction: Byron High School, 5pm

24th: Spring Craft Show and Pictures with the Easter Bunny: McCurdy Park Community Center (Corunna), 10am-4pm