Durand Police Officer Photographed Tossing the Pigskin With Boxcar Kids
Posted by Uplift Shiawassee at 2:10pm 10/8/17
Uplift Shiawassee photo

"When the Durand officer stops to play football with the boys at boxcar!"  That's the caption on this photo posted to Facebook by Leslie Nierescher on Tuesday afternoon.  The officer has been identified as Durand Police Chief Jason Hartz.  "That is community interaction in its purest form," Jason Nierescher commented.  "Yhat [sic] is a real role model," another comment, posted by Melba Williams, reads.

Michelle Bowers, a Durand preschool teacher, said "This should go out on Durand Now."  Admittedly, this is the kind of thing that we LOVE to post on Durand Now.  It's also perfect for Uplift Shiawassee!  Props to Chief Hartz on a job well done.