New Nielsen Ratings Data Shows Strickland and 97.5 NOW FM On Top
Posted by Uplift Shiawassee at 7:13pm 2/1/17
Josh Strickland, center, is pictured with pop music duo MKTO's Tony, left, and Malcolm, right, when they visited the 97.5 NOW FM studios on Lansing's southeast side recently/Photo: Dave Watson

Nielsen radio ratings were released for the Lansing-East Lansing metro in January and Josh Strickland, a 1998 Durand graduate, is the capital city's #1 morning radio personality again.  Josh Strickland in the Morning airs weekdays from 5:25 to 10am on 97.5 NOW FM (WJIM-FM), Lansing's #1 Hit Music Station.

Nielsen also ranked 97.5 NOW FM as the #1 radio station in Lansing again, and both the station and Strickland topped numerous coveted target demographics, including Persons ages 18 to 49, Persons ages 25 to 54 and Women ages 18 to 49.  The ratings cover the months of September, October, November and December 2016..

In May of 2016, readers of Lansing City Pulse voted Strickland Lansing's top FM/AM radio personality.  It is the second consecutive year he received the "Top of the Town" award.

Strickland has been with 97.5 NOW FM since 2007.  It's not uncommon to hear him talk about Durand happenings or to hear him reference being "a Railroader."  The feature of his show, he says, that has been the most successful, is called "Trombone Tuesday."  Strickland, a former Marching Railroader, decided to dust off his high school trombone and play it on the air one day in 2008.  It went over so well that he's been doing it ever since.

In addition to hosting his morning show, he is the Brand Manager for 97.5 NOW FM and the Brand Manager for heritage Lansing sister station, 99.1 WFMK, Variety from the 80s to NOW.  Those roles make him the person responsible for all aspects of the on air broadcast and the stations' over all image, he says.

August 2016 marked Strickland's 20th anniversary on the air.  His first job was at Flint's News Talk 1470 WFNT-AM and Cars 108 (107.9 WCRZ-FM), 80s, 90s and NOW.  Since then he's made stops in Owosso, Saginaw and Grand Rapids, along with stints in the Evansville Indiana/Owensboro Kentucky market, Mt. Carmel Illinois and Asheville North Carolina. 

In 1999, Strickland and his cousin, Chris Akers, with financial backing from Faith Baptist Church of Durand, launched a low power Christian pop music station at 1610 on the AM dial.  Strickland and Akers hosted the morning show on the station.  In 2000, after Strickland moved to Indiana, the station changed to a contemporary worship format with no personalities.  Not long after, the station went silent.  The studio and tower were originally housed in the former Faith Baptist Church building at 5214 S. Durand Road after the church built a new worship facility on Kent Street in the city.  Eventually, the building on Durand Road was sold.  The studio was torn out and the tower was moved to the current church property on Kent Street.

Strickland, his wife Sarah, their three kids and three dogs settled back in Durand in 2012.  It was September 1st of that year that he founded the news website, Durand Now.  Announcing its launch, he said "’A News + Entertainment Site for Durand, Michigan’ doesn't really encompass the whole heart of what the website is or what I hope it becomes, but, generally speaking, that's pretty much what you'll find here.”  He called the website, which celebrates its fifth year serving the Durand area, "an investment in my hometown."   Since that time, Durand Now LLC has launched several local news websites serving Shiawassee County communities, including Uplift Shiawassee.

Strickland's family first moved to Durand from Ohio in the early 1900s. 

Besides doing radio and local news, Strickland serves on the Board of Directors of the recently re-opened Greater Durand Area Chamber of Commerce and is the web designer and webmaster for that organization, as well as several Durand area businesses and organizations.  In 2014, Strickland founded and became curator of the Shiawassee Apple Museum, an online 'ode' to a serious fruit from mid-Michigan's past that most locals know nothing about.  Local history is something that fascinates him.

Most Popular Radio Stations in Lansing - Fall 2016
Source: Nielsen, 12+, Lansing-East Lansing
1. WJIM-FM (97.5 NOW FM) - Townsquare Media
2. WMMQ-FM (94.9 WMMQ) - Townsquare Media
3. WFMK-FM (99.1 WFMK) - Townsquare Media
4. WQHH-FM (Power 96.5) - MacDonald Broadcasting
5. WITL-FM (100.7 WITL) - Townsquare Media

Most Popular Morning Personalities/Shows in Lansing - Fall 2016
Source: Nielsen, 12+, Lansing-East Lansing
1. WJIM-FM (Josh Strickland in the Morning)
2. WFMK-FM (Danny Stewart & Monica Harris)
(tie) 3. WITL-FM (Banana Don & Stephanie McCoy)
(tie) 3. WQHH-FM (Rickey Smiley Morning Show)
5. WMMQ-FM (Joey Pants & Deb Hart)

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