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UPLIFT SHIAWASSEE is a daily podcast, hosted by Josh Strickland and family, about family, faith and fun. Made in Michigan, for the world.

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Season 1 Episode 33: The End of It All

What does the end of it all look like? What will work look like? What will school look like? What will WE look like? Josh Strickland gets into it all. Listen to find out what the future of this podcast looks (sounds) like. Plus "Mom's Got Dad Jokes!"

Published 5/22/20
Runtime 5:50


Season 1 Episode 32: Midland

Praying for Midland. 

Published 5/21/20
Runtime 3:00


Season 1 Episode 31: Drive-Thru Yard Sales

Gardens -- plural. That's the transition plan. Hear what's growing and what's going on! "Mom's Got Dad Jokes" and it's a reminder that the end is near. The end of the school year, that is. Everything is cancelled, but what about yard sales? Josh Strickland has ideas.

Published 5/20/20
Runtime 5:08


Season 1 Episode 30: Toilet Paper Tracking

I just remembered that we ordered toilet paper in March that was supposed to be delivered at the end of April and it still has not arrived. Good news: friends who were in the same predicament say they've just recently started receiving theirs! So, there's hope! Plus, a local business is asking for your help, and "Mom's Got Dad Jokes!"

Support HQ Fun Bunker

Published 5/19/20
Runtime 6:37


Season 1 Episode 29: Not of This World

We've been wined! Again! Josh Strickland responds to a complaint and admits he might be a little extra sensitive lately. Plus, find out how Josh Strickland's dad made a very unexpected appearance four months after he passed away.

Published 5/14/20
Runtime 7:36


Season 1 Episode 28: Explaining the Pandemic to My Past Self

If you could go back in time and offer your past self one piece of advice about preparing for Coronavirus, what would it be? Hear what people had to say, and don't miss the hilarious video here.

Published 5/13/20
Runtime 7:55


Season 1 Episode 27: Have A Drink

Quarantine is hard. Whining about it doesn't help, but what about "wining?" Josh Strickland talks about the new trend of assembling pay-it-forward care packages packed with wine and other goodies and delivering them to strangers. Plus, the quarantinest-ever "Mom's Got Dad Jokes."

Published 5/12/20
Runtime 6:25


Season 1 Episode 26: The Circle of Life

Josh Strickland gives an update on the family's gardening efforts and KITTENS!! Lil Mama Ash (that's her rapper name) had babies! Plus, a very somber note -- our oldest furbaby, Kyan the Beagle, has crossed the rainbow bridge. Hear him laugh one last time during this edition of "Mom's Got Dad Jokes!"

Published 5/11/20
Runtime 5:11


Season 1 Episode 25: Defiance and Karma

Josh Strickland defies the stay-at-home order to attend a Tiger King wedding under the big top and loses his shirt. But what he gained could be the worst thing of all. It's a Quarantine dream with a takeaway and "Mom's Got Dad Jokes!"

Published 5/8/20
Runtime 3:15


Season 1 Episode 24: Stuck In My Head

Trombone Tuesday returns with a song that many will know and love. And another many will know and hate. But that's only if it can be deciphered. And we're in hot water with "Mom's Got Dad Jokes!"

Published 5/5/20
Runtime 3:06


Season 1 Episode 23: The Flag Stands for Freedom

From the "Crap I Cooked in Quarantine" files: hilarious responses to a (presumed) hilariously auto-corrected post. Some other amusing items found on Facebook and "Mom's Got Dad Jokes!"

Published 5/4/20
Runtime 3:48


Season 1 Episode 22: Ma's Spaghetti, Meatballs and Melons

Sofia walks us through an update on the family garden and "Mom's Got Dad Jokes!"

Published 4/30/20
Runtime 3:38


Season 1 Episode 21: Trolls

The new Trolls movie which was released online during the COVID stay-at-home order deals with living in isolation, features toilet paper as a party favor and references being 'in this together' (or something to that effect)... what are the chances?! What are you watching?

Published 4/29/20
Runtime 3:27


Season 1 Episode 20: Crap I Cooked In Quarantine

"Mom's Got Dad Jokes" and this one Madison doesn't get. Josh Strickland joined a Facebook group called "Crap I Cooked In Quarantine" -- if you're spending extra time in the kitchen lately, this might be something of interest to you!

Published 4/28/20
Runtime 5:37


Season 1 Episode 19: Milk Truck

Josh Strickland gets photo bombed during the season's first mow by what he calls an "agplane." And what is Madison doing on a farm in Imlay City?! Get ready for a double-dose of "Mom's Got Dad Jokes" with a little help from Sofia.

Published 4/27/20
Runtime 3:03


Season 1 Episode 18: Unfriended

Josh Strickland talks politics. Yeesh. Don't worry, it doesn't get too deep. But, someone still might get unfriended. Find out why. Plus hear about brand new music and "Mom's Got Dad Jokes!"

Published 4/24/20
Runtime 12:36


Season 1 Episode 17: The Weird, Vivid Dreams You're Having Lately

It's perhaps the most intense Uplift Shiawassee podcast to date! Those weird, vivid dreams you're having while on lockdown --- you're not alone! In fact, experts are now weighing in. Plus, find out an interesting connection between the Hillsdale College course Josh Strickland randomly signed up for this week and vivid dreams. Also, "Mom's Got Dad Jokes!"

Published 4/23/20
Runtime 8:11


Season 1 Episode 16: Riddle Me This

Sofia drops a riddle on us in this delayed presentation. Josh Strickland's got excuses for days. Hear some of them. Also, "Mom's Got Dad Jokes!"

Published 4/22/20
Runtime 3:38


Season 1 Episode 15: Ingenuity

Josh Strickland ponders John Krasinski's live Prom event and how it could inspire the evolution of Uplift Shiawassee. He also introduces the family's four cats: Match, Glow, Ember and Ash, their varying personalities and he tells the story of how they got their names. And "Mom's Got Dad Jokes."

Published 4/21/20
Runtime 7:46


Season 1 Episode 14: Tribute to Farmers

With all the Coronavirus business we just realized today that National Agriculture Week snuck by. In today's episode we pay tribute to farmers as we get our first-ever garden started. (We could use pointers.)

Published 4/20/20
Runtime 7:25


Season 1 Episode 13: Facebook Friday — Oh Yes, By The Way, It’s Friday

What's better than scrolling through Facebook? Having Josh Strickland do it for you! Bob Ross, Judge Judy and "Mom's Got Dad Jokes!" Oh yeah, and, John Krasinski is back with Some Good News Episode 3!

Published 4/17/20
Runtime 4:32


Season 1 Episode 12: Six Feet Apart

Josh Strickland introduces a brand new song by Luke Combs called "Six Feet Apart." You guessed it. It's a song about life in quarantine and it very well could become the senior class song of 2020. Hey, maybe John Krasinski will play it when he DJs a virtual prom on Friday night! Oh yeah, you've got to hear about this. And watch out, because "Mom's Got Dad Jokes!"

Published 4/16/20
Runtime 3:36


Season 1 Episode 11: Virtue

Josh Strickland talks conspiracy theories; every person's responsibility -- but especially Christians -- when it comes to being credible on social media. Here's a great read on the subject. Also, "Mom's Got Yabba Dabba Dad Jokes!"

Published 4/15/20
Runtime 5:39


Season 1 Episode 10: The Gift of Easter

Josh Strickland tells the story of "The Gift of Easter," a play that he and his cousin wrote 26 years ago, and how the risk that frontline workers face on our behalf is a lot like that Easter gift: Jesus giving his life for all of us. Here's an Easter egg for you: a double dose of "Mom's Got Dad Jokes!"

Published 4/14/20
Runtime 6:24


Season 1 Episode 9: Fried Green Tomatoes

Quarantine Level: Watching Fried Green Tomatoes while eating Fried Green Tomato chips. Yeah, they're a thing! Josh Strickland gets political (sorry) and spiritual (not sorry). It's Easter. He is risen! Who is "He?" 5 minutes to find out!

Published 4/9/20
Runtime 7:17


Season 1 Episode 8: 300,000

John Krasinski's back with some more good news -- another episode of "Some Good News" featuring a wild Zoom-based Hamilton performance. Watch it at and get even more good news in today's podcast.

Published 4/8/20
Runtime 7:51


Season 1 Episode 7: Holy Week

Let's talk about reaching out to one another. Maybe we can't physically reach out (or maybe we can). Josh Strickland tells the story of his neighbor 'bearing one another's burdens and so fulfilling the law of Christ.' (Galatians 6:2) It's Holy Week. A lot can happen in seven days.

Published 4/7/20
Runtime 5:00


Season 1 Episode 6: Grace

You're doing just fine. Fear, anxiety and confusion -- most of us can relate, especially recently. Explore 2 Timothy 2:7 for peace, strength and understanding. Josh Strickland admits he's wrong and appeals to you to give grace to all the people you encounter today. Mad props to all our essential workers. Oh, and "Mom's Got Dad Jokes."

Published 4/6/20
Runtime 10:00


Season 1 Episode 5: Facebook Friday

"Mom's Got Dad Jokes" and dad interviews daughter about cats in an episode that is otherwise just a scroll through Facebook.

Published 4/3/20
Runtime 8:48


Season 1 Episode 4: Chaos

Katie can't listen to podcasts right now because the kids are home and it's chaos. Maybe you're feeling the chaos too. Maybe it's not kid (or dog or cat) chaos, maybe it's COVID-related fear and anxiety. There's a great Bible verse for comfort in today's podcast. And yes, "Mom's Got Dad Jokes."

Published 4/2/20
Runtime 8:15


Season 1 Episode 3: One Thing You Miss

If you had to pick the one thing you miss being able to do the most while on lockdown, what would it be? It's "What If" Wednesday. If you ever want to weigh in, feel free to drop your comment at!

Published 4/1/20
Runtime 5:47


Season 1 Episode 2: Summer Camp

The 2020 Uplift Shiawassee A-LIST has been revealed! Josh Strickland shares some fun facts and quizzes his daughter, Sofia, on Trombone Tuesday. And watch out, because "Mom's Got Dad Jokes!"

Published 3/31/20
Runtime 9:31


Season 1 Episode 1: The Whole World

The brand new Uplift Shiawassee podcast opens in song. Josh Strickland talks Tyler Perry's "Whole World" challenge and the landscape challenge and John Krasinski's new "Some Good News" program. And get ready, because "Mom's Got Dad Jokes."

Published 3/30/20
Runtime 10:14


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