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Man Behind Durand's Major Steel Mill Development Speaks At Rotary Event

John Schultes, CEO of New Steel, Delivers Keynote At Saturday Rotary Conference Hosted by Durand Rotary

Posted by Uplift Shiawassee at 12:27pm 5/14/18


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The annual Rotary District 6310 Conference and Dinner this year was hosted by Durand Rotary. The event, held at Zehnder's in Frankenmuth, featured as a keynote speaker, John Schultes, CEO of New Steel International, one of the companies behind the push to bring "Project Tim" to Durand.

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One of the main themes of this year's conference was "Economic Growth & Environmental Responsibility," an invitation sent to Uplift Shiawassee said. Though regrettably unable to attend, we understand that Schultes' presentation was titled "Refining & Rebuilding America's Steel Manufacturing Industry," and was expected to not include direct discussion about Project Tim.

The controversial proposed development for just north of the city, on Vernon Township farmland, would bring thousands of job to the area, proponents say.  On the other hand, many critics say the project, which has been shrowded in secrecy, leading to its nick name, 'Project Tim,' say that's just one of the issues, and there are still many unknowns.  But one thing that both sides agree on is that the project will completely change Durand.  While supporters say it will be for the better, those against, disagree.

Durand Now has done some deeper digging, and has compiled all things 'Project Tim,' in one place on the website, aptly dubbed the PROJECT TIM page. 


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