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LEAF Reverse Raffle Profits Benefit Laingsburg Students, Teachers

New Grants Awarded After Annual Laingsburg Educational Advancement Foundation Reverse Raffle

Posted by Uplift Shiawassee at 10:24pm 3/18/18


The Laingsburg Educational Advancement Foundation presents a check for more than $14,000 to the Laingsburg Community Schools Board of Education for grants funded in the 2017-18 school year. Pictured (L to R) are Natalie Elkins, LCS School Board President; Patrick Dolan, school board representative to LEAF; Carrie Rathbun Hawks, APR, LEAF Communications Chair and Adrienne Yates, LEAF Board of Directors Member. /Courtesy photo

The Laingsburg Educational Advancement Foundation is excited to announce it profited approximately $18,000 from its Ninth-Annual Reverse Raffle. This is a record for the organization, which uses the money to provide grants for unique and innovative educational programs not covered by the district’s general fund budget.

Thanks to the generosity of the community and many businesses who donated items or services to make the raffle such a big success again, Laingsburg Community Schools’ teachers and students will see a big boost in the fun factor of their teaching and learning, thanks to more than $14,000 in new monies recently granted. With funds requested topping $42,000, LEAF was able to fully or partially fund a majority of the requests.

Grantees are as follows: 

Amy Elliot, Impression 5 Hands-On Learning Journey $500

Andrea Green, Disc Floor Seats & Stools 2nd Grade Literacy Tables $367  

Chris Samson, Annie’s Big Nature Lesson 3rd Grade $2,000   

Andrea Green, BIG Lesson Meridian Historical Village 2nd Grade $1,350   

Dean Meyer, BIG History Lesson 5th Grade $1,400   

Erin Behrendt, High-Interest, Low-Readability Books $396   

Dean Meyer, 5th Grade Captain’s Wristbands $87

Dean Meyer, Girls in STEAM $275

Steven Easterling, LINK UP: The Orchestra Sings $315

Tara Tomlinson, Density Cube Sets $453

Angela Clark-Pohlod, Broadcast Studio Enhancements $1,506

Angela Clark-Pohlod, Creating Classroom Makers & Creative Thinkers $375

Shawn Baynes, Graphing Calculators $1,100

Paul Garrett, Visual Communications/Wolf News Equipment $494
Paul Garrett, Online Ed Equipment $80

Jennifer Strickland, Yikes! That Is Not Safe! $818

Michelle Cousineau, ‘STEAMing’ Up Math & Science W/ Keva Planks $375

Paul Garrett, Physics Lab Equipment $1,578

Rebeca Malaski, Science Olympiad Team Development $675


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LEAF uses three main criteria when evaluating the grant applications: Is the program innovative or an enhancement of an existing program? Does it create a new program that’s of value to the district and that will impact a maximum number of students? Is it something already covered by the school budget?

If chosen, the recipients are asked to measure the impact of the initiative and provide a final report with their evaluation to the LEAF board at the end of the school year. Grant winners are also asked to promote their grant program within the community so parents, grandparents, business owners, community leaders and others can see the unique things going on right here in Laingsburg. 

“Our teachers and students are truly talented and deserve every chance to showcase that talent,” explained LEAF Grants Committee Chair Dane Nickols. “Thanks to the generosity of individual donors, memorial gifts and events like the annual Reverse Raffle, LEAF can provide a funding source that allows for materials and programs that truly enhance the quality of education in our local schools.” 

Founded in 1992, LEAF is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Donations are accepted throughout the year by mail at 205 S. Woodhull Street or through its Web site,  

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